Cranston Streets Is A Map From The Game Sc Megamix Fighting 3: The Return Of Heroes. It Is Meant For Forging Purpouses, But Can Be Used In Any Gamemode. The Game Was Sposted To Orringally Be 5 Seprate Maps, But Later Combined All 5 Maps With The Tank Level That Was Canned. The 5 Maps Are Now Submaps Of The Level, Sepperating The 5 Areas From Each Other.

Map Overviews Edit

The Tank Area Edit

The Tank Area Is The Spawning Area In The Main Map & Is Mostly Meant For The Forging Mode. It Is Not Accessible In The Submaps & Thus, Has A Kill Barrier On All The Submaps. This Was A Canned Map For Both SMF2 & SMF3 (As A Return Map Along With City 17, Later Both Becoming Canned).


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