Grand City (Known As Cyber City In 3 & Grander Central In Infinite) Is A Map From The Games Sc Fighting Megamix II, Sc Fighting Supermacy, Sc Fighting Megamix 3: The Return Of Heroes, Ultimate Sc Fighting Megamix 3 & Sc Fighting Megamix Infinite. It Was, At First, Known As Kevin Stage. It Was Changed To Grand City Later In The Making. As Suggests, It's Kevin's Home Stage. In Supermacy, It's Both Kevin & Flippy/Flipqy's Home Stage.

Map Overviews Edit

Grand City (SFMM2, SFSM, SFMM3 -Forged-) Edit

Grand City Has Appeared In II, Supermacy & Appeared As A Featured As A Forged Map In 3. There Are 2 Buildings. The First Is Sc Games' Headquarters & The Second Is Grand City Garage. There Are Several Animals In The Background & There Is A Car That Players Can Jump On. In Supermacy, The Animals Are Now 3D Models (They Were 2D Sprites In SFMM2) & Since The Game Is A 2D Fighter Like 1, Several Areas Like The Car Can't Be Accessed. A User Named 'XxScWillisxX' Made A Remake Of The Map On Cranston Streets, Entitled "SFMM2 Grand City". It Caught The Attention Of Sc Games, That They Made It Fetaured & Put In The "Sc Fighting Throwback" Xbox Live/PSN Playlist.

Cyber City (SFMM3, USFMM3) Edit

Cyber City Has Appeared In 3: The Return Of Heroes & Ultimate 3. Since Kevin Isn't In SFMM3, The Stage Is Now Considered PTX-40A & Spencer's Stage. The Sc Games Building Is Deystroyed & Features New Images From Games Made After SFMM2, Like Dead Age: Origins & Dead Age 2 (Both Game's Hero, Issiac, Appeared In Supermacy). The Garage's Sign Is Deystroyed & Falling Apart. There Is A Wanted Poster Featuring HTF Characters (One Of Them Is Kevin, From Supermacy & II). It Reappears In USFMM3, However With PTX-40As Roaming Around, A Burning Car (The Same One From SFMM2 & SFSM) & An Worker On The Building's Roof. Despise Kevin Returning, It Is Still Considered Spencer's Stage.

Grand City Throwback (USFMM3) Edit

Grand City Throwback Has Appeared In Ultimate 3 As A Submap Of Cyber City. It Uses The Same Map File Used In Supermacy For Grand City "". There is An Imperisor On The Car, As Part Of The New "Set Item Placement" Rule. Other Than New Textures, It's Basicly The SFSM Grand City.

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